Who is Progressu?

Progressu is a German-based food machinery provider and dealer of the used food machinery. We believe in “reshaping the future of food machinery through Circularity”. Being an addresser of machinery-related problems, we believe in the fact that machines have the right to have a second life and escalate their productiveness. This way, we assist you with your machines’ upgradation and enhancing productivity. To us, in this world, machines have the right on having a second life. We have expertise and remedies to do so. We are a professional team with arrangements to transport, install, dismantle, and maintain inventories related to the food industry. Not only this but if you have outdated machines or machines which you are willing to sell, we find a new purpose for that specific machine in other markets or other industries as a part of the new production lines. With this approach of progressiveness, we are keen to serve your cause of changing inventories. We are keen to play a progressive and decisive role in building your industry with the approach of escalating sustainability in modern-day companies and reshape the perspective within our industry.

Reshaping machines

At Progressu, we believe in reshaping machines’ lives and reshaping their working abilities to escalate their approach of productivity. We believe in the Circular business model to assist our customers and potential markets. The circular business model which equips us with the abilities to bring target customers and potential markets together and solve the problems of our clients sustainably as this is our specialty. At Progressu, We are experts in bringing progress to your challenge, upheaval your experiences, smooth your production, channelize your food processing and freezing needs, and take care of the whole process. Being expert caterer and specialized in the food industry, we always look for machinery, production lines, and complete factories who weren’t to sell or upgrade their machines sector and looking for ways to strengthen their assembly line while aligning everything with their budget limits.

Professionals and trained team members

Talking about the expertise of our professionals and trained team members, we can estimate and determine the value of your food machinery. This way, you can have real value and market price of your machine inventory. Not only this, but we buy food machinery of every type and every operation related to food processing and handling, and everything that goes with it. Our experts can dismount, fix, and clean the machines according to every need they are craving for. We have maintained a warehouse of food machinery for your needs. We transport, dispatch, and warehouse food machinery so that every model and every make could be made possible for our target customers. Our experts have expertise in giving a new life to your machines. With our extensive knowledge, we applaud your used food machinery and factories with a new life. With various projects and extensive knowledge, we give food machinery a second life and are encouraged to do so for our clients whenever and wherever they needed. Just make us a call at +49 5903-93730-11, and our experts’ team will reach out at your place in no time.